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CIMPA School in Mathematical Biology, Kathmandu, Nepal

CIMPA Summer School in Mathematical Biology
Kathmandu, Nepal

June 17-26, 2019

The objective of this summer school is to enrich collaboration between Nepalese and international researchers, especially those early in their careers, while providing an opportunity for mathematicians and biologists in Nepal and neighboring countries to develop mathematical skills that can be applied to address real-life biological issues. The summer school aims to introduce students, junior faculty members, and young researchers to the theory and application of Mathematical Biology. The courses will be focused on foundational topics in Mathematical Biology including discrete and continuous population modeling, infectious disease modeling, genetics and evolution, biochemical reactions, and ion transport.

In addition to these lectures, computer labs and seminars, participants will develop novel research collaborations in group projects aimed at biological modeling; course instructors will act as mentors and lead organizers for these research projects. The results of the collaborative research projects will be expected to be presented during the poster sessions of the International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2019), which will take place in Pokhara immediately following the summer school and will enrich interactions by bringing in a number of international speakers, researchers and trainees. 

Travel support: Financial supports are available for students, postdoc and junior faculty from Nepal and neighboring developing countries.


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