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Tuyển dụng vị trí postdoc position o University of Oslo
There is now a postdoc position in pure mathematics at University of Oslo opened, which may be of interest to you. The position is for 3 years, starting date no later than 1 December 2018. The deadline for the position is 31 August 2018. The subfields of interest are: Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Geometry, Topology, Operator Algebra and Several Complex Variables. The position is without compulsory (teaching) work.
The link for applying is here: 
Khoa Toán - Tin học, Trường Đại học Khoa học Tự nhiên, Đại học Quốc gia TP Hồ Chí Minh.
Phòng F.009, cơ sở 227 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Quận 5, TP HCM.