Seminar: Ionization problem: open questions and recent progress
Báo cáo viên: Tiến Sĩ Phan Thành Nam
Thời gian: 10h30 ngày 6-4-2018
Địa điểm: phòng F207
Abstract: It is well-known experimentally that a neutral atom can bind at most one or two extra electrons. Explaining this fact rigorously from first principles of quantum mechanics is a long standing open problem, often referred to as the ionization conjecture. I will discuss some recent progress towards this problem and related questions. 
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Seminar: Introduction to homogenization theory (3/1)
 Introduction to homogenization theory
Speaker: Trần Vĩnh Hưng (Univ of Wisconsin Madison)
Time: 10:00, 3/1/2018, Room F207
Abstract: I'll give a gentle introduction to homogenization theory of Hamilton-Jacobi equations. Some new results will be addressed.
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Seminar: Mathematics of Photoacoustic Tomography (22/12)
Speaker: Linh Nguyen, University of Idaho

Talk Title: Mathematics of Photoacoustic Tomography

Date: Friday December 22, 2017, 10am; Room F207.

Abstract:  Photoacoustic tomography (PAT) is a hybrid method of imaging. It combines the high contrast of optical imaging and high resolution of ultrasound imaging. A short pulse of laser light is scanned through the biological object of interest. The photoelastic effect produces an ultrasound pressure propagating throughout the space, which is measured by transducers located on an observation surface. The goal of PAT is to find the initial pressure inside the object, since it contains helpful information of the object.

The mathematical model for PAT is an inverse source problem for the wave equation. In this talk, we will discuss several methods for solving this inverse problem.

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Seminar Statistics
Speaker: Lancelot F. James, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Date: 2 Dec, 9 am, F207. 

Title: Chinese restaurant and Indian Buffet restaurant processes. Brownian excursions and Poisson Random measures by Lancelot F. James

 Abstract: Chinese Restaurant (CRP) and Indian Buffet Restaurant (IBP) processes arise as generative processes for clustering and latent feature generation in Bayesian nonparametric statistics and Bayesian Machine Learning.

The CRP,  which has a much longer history, manifests itself in many ways throughout the broad literature arising for instance in populations genetics, construction of random trees and graphs.  In addition to describing basic fact associated with the CRP and IBP I shall show how these processes are connected to such phenomena as Brownian excursion and general Poisson random measures.


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